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How US aid to Africa has changed in the wake of China's growing influence

The economic and political reach of the US, arguably the most visible and vocal Western country on the African continent, is gradually being diminished. This follows a pattern in which the economic and political stronghold of Western countries has ebbed as the role of non-traditional donors such as China has grown in importance.

Ugandan MPs refuse to pay tax

In February, the High Court ordered that all emoluments paid to MPs would be subject to the same tax system applied on the rest of the Ugandan citizens. The decision from has caused a controversy amongst MPs who passed a tax exemption law in order further enjoy tax reduction.

Africa's longest serving leader re-elected with 94%

Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang extended his rule 36-year ruling further after winning last Sunday’s presidential election. The President acknowledged that the oil-rich nation may be tired of him but that he had "dedicated his life to the country."

Bullfighting- Uganda's new tourist attraction or animal cruelty?

Located on the hills of Mountain Elgon, Bududa is not much of a tourist attraction. Although it is the only place in Uganda where communities have bullfighting activities, it remains quite unknown for the world – and Uganda. Whereas some argue that bullfight is animal cruelty, others hope to see a modern tourist attraction centre set up.

Police fires against students' anti-rape protest

"Are you sure you still want to go through with this?" a management at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, told a female student who wanted to report a rape. “You’ll ruin his reputation.”


We are the one and only actors in our lives
I was already at a young age fascinated by the world of fashion because my mother worked as a seamstress. I decided early that I wanted to make this my profession as well. It's now been 4 years since I started my own studio at home and created my own line of clothing with the basic knowledge I had in sewing.

The only advantage I have is my passion; this is what I love to do. I can’t lie and say it's easy, it's not easy and it takes a lot of effort but the best challenge is to challenge yourself. Never create something for someone else. Always challenge yourself.

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Mbissine Thérèse Diop in Ousmane Sembène “Black Girl” that turns 50 this year

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