About Us

Africa is a continent of 54 countries, yet it is often portrayed as one-dimensional and flat. War, starvation, death, poverty, corruption...

And the list goes on.

Kalangu sees another side of Africa, an often untold and hidden, shimmering reflection under the barren surface. We cover events happening in Africa in ways that have not really been done before. The woman selling fruits in the market. The librarian with a vast knowledge of African literature. The mother. The father. The elders. The youth. The nomad. The diaspora. The African life in the continent. The African touch outside of the continent. What is their story? African fashion worn in Iceland. African music played in a club in Stockholm. African food served in Argentina. And what is the musical connection between Cuba and Africa?

Kalangu neither glorifies nor horrifies the continent but we believe in telling the story as it is. With passionate writers positioned all over the world we can give a holistic picture of what Africa really is about.

Our Writers