Election won't be delayed by those ‘rowing against current of history,’ says President at UN

Burkina Faso's coup was short lived and the country is now awaiting a date for election. Here is a brief update on the situation.

The September 16 coup reached an end the 23rd September when Burkina Faso’s interim President Michel Kafando was officially reinstated. The short-lived coup was carried out by allies to former President Blaise Compoaré and was lead by General Gilbert Diendéré, spy chief at Compaorés elite presidential guard, the RSP. Nevertheless, Diendéré denies that Compaoré had any involvement in the coup. Blaise Compoaré was ousted in a coup in October last year when he tried to extend his 27-year rule.

Diendéré was handed over to the authorities after seeking refuge in the Vatican embassy in Ouagadougou. He surrendered, allegedly after being promised that he would not be killed and that he and other soldiers who took part in the coup will receive a fair trial.

General Diendéré said that he staged the coup due to dissatisfaction in how the upcoming election was about to run. There were proposals to dismantle the RSP and to prevent supporters of Compaoré from running in this month's scheduled presidential election. The election would have been Burkina’s first election in 28 years.

The coup met really strong resistance from the people of Burkina Faso. Here are three voices:

Arsène Nehemie Ouedrogo, 26 years old medicine student, Ouagadougou

First of all I have to say that I’m against the coup. The general is now trying to save his own skin with the help of other followers of Compaoré. He is talking about amnesty and a reintegration of pro-Compaorés in the élections.The president [ Michel Kafando] may have got his power back but I don’t know what will happen with the coup-initiative takers.

We can only have a democratic election if Compaoré is not a part of it. He risks to jeopardize democracy again.

Fabrice Kiendga, 20- year old student, Ouagadougou

The coup was stupid, we were in a transitional stage. But we should ask ourselves if the coup really has ended. Diendéré claims that he has surrendered but we’ll see how things will go.

I think that we will have peaceful transparent and free elections, seeing how determinedly the Independent National Electoral Commission and other international allies to Burkina Faso work to achieve it.

Ines Ouandaogo, 21-year old fashion student

I don’t think that Diendéré had an intention of making a coup but he just wanted to prevent the dissolution of the RSP and hide his involvement in the assassination of President Thomas Sankara.

Burkina Faso needs transparent and free elections. I think we will achieve it because I have trust in the Independent National Electoral Commission and the president Kafando, as well as international actors contributing to the election.

No new date of election has been announced, although November has been suggested.

Text by...

Thierry Tapsoba

22 years old teacher and writer from Ouagadougou