Racist attack in Swedish school

​Yesterday an offender with right- wing and Nazi sympathies attacked a Swedish school. One of the victims was a 15-year-old Somali boy. Police said that the offender was targeting immigrants but Swedish media is criticized by many Afro-Swedes for not describing the crime or the offender as racist.

“I ran to the school but couldn’t find him anywhere. The police told me to go to the hospital. And I was so afraid,” says Kiin Mohamed Ali, mother of 15-year-old Ahmed Hassan who was stabbed in yesterday’s school attack in Trollhättan, a town in Western Sweden.

The family moved in 2012 from Somalia to Trollhättan, an industrial small town since three years where Hassan studied at Kronan, a school with 400 pupils. On Thursday 10.09 the police got an alarm from the staff in the primary and middle school.

“A masked offender went in the school attacked several persons with a sword,” said Stefan Gustafsson, press spokesmen after the attack. The police held at 16 o'clock a press conference where it confirmed that three people died in the school attack on Thursday.

“The man walks systematically in the school building. We can follow the trail of blood around the room. He goes to a classroom, knocks on and the student who opens gets attacked by a sharp weapon, and stabbed away. This repeats in two different classrooms, said inspector Thord Haraldsson at the press conference.

The crime

The 21-year-old offender, Anton Lundin-Pettersson, first victim was 20-year-old teaching assistant Lavin Eskandar. Eskandar sat in the school cafeteria when the offender, dressed as Darth Vader: wearing a black coat over his shoulders, a helmet and 'Darth Vader' mask, entered the cafeteria. Allegedly shouting ‘I am your father’ he raised his sword and started to attack some students. Eskandar threw himself between the offender and the students but was hit by the sword and died afterwards.

Ahmed Hassan was the second victim. “I waited a very, very long time before I was given any information. They said that he hadn’t made it. I loved him so much, so much. He was so kind and helpful, says his mother.

The other student victim, also 15, had fled Syria with his family and arrived in Sweden just nine months ago. He is currently in critical but stable condition and according to medical staff no longer “hovering between life and death”.

The police came at the scene shortly after 10am and shoot the 21-year-old offender after he turned on police. He was later admitted to the Norra Älvsborgs Länssjukhus but died from his wounds.

Racial hate-crime

The victims all had non-Swedish background why it has been speculated that he had racial motives. So was confirmed this morning by Peter Adler Andersson, press spokesman for the police in Västra Götaland.

“We consider it a hate crime based on the way he behaved and dressed at the time of the attacks. We have also made some discoveries, both physical and digital in the man's residence, indicating that he had been racially motivated, corn.” This was also confirmed by lead investigator Thord Haraldsson who said that the offender “selected his victims and attacked the dark-skinned ones and left the light-skinned ones alone. “Everything points to this being a hate crime.”

The offender’s social media activities also showed he had 'liked' several YouTube videos glorifying Nazi Germany. He had also showed support for anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats, and other right-wing politicians on Facebook.

The police carried out a search of the offender’s home in Trollhättan but are secretive about what they have found in the apartment, “but there are things that are interesting for the investigation, said the lead investigator Thord Haraldsson.

Call it for what it is

Trollhättan is one of the country's most segregated municipalities and the area Kronogården where the deed was carried out, is one of the districts has one of the highest proportion of foreign-born.

Speaking at Thursday’s press conference, Tomas Fuxborg of Västra Götaland Police called the attack 'one of the worst events in Swedish history'. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven described Thursday as a 'black day.'

But the condemnation from authorities has been quite mild. Especially media’s description of the offender as a normal ‘calm computer- and game-interested’ boy has provoked many of African descent who feel that media is not addressing that the fact that the offender was a racist.

Victoria Kawesa, politician who works actively against racism writes on her Facebook wall of being “tired of the white terrorists spoken of as mentally ill and not as ideologically motivated in their hatred and actions. We are tired of white normative analysis, all white 'experts' who refuse to use the words racism, hate crimes, terror attack. The murders and the terror attack in Trollhättan is the worst racist attack in Sweden so far. Wake up Swedish media and the Swedish television, wake up !!!! It's time to start talking about this truth.”

A study from 2015 showed that Afro-Swedes is the minority in Sweden who are most at risk of hate crimes.

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Text by...

Sumbu Temo

27 years old journalist student and dreamer from Stockholm