About Us

Esther Ruth Mbabazi

Esther Ruth Mbabazi is an Ugandan, born and raised in Kampala. She is a self-made photographer who takes time to learn from everybody in her work spheres.

She has worked with different organisations in Kampala, covered different events; she has captured stunning landscapes and storytelling photographies. Esther is currently focusing more on documentary photography and photo-journalism. She believes in photography as a mean to make changes. She believes that everybody has a story to tell – a great point of view in her photography. 

“I find inspiration from life in general, especially social issues. I’m much inspired by the usually less documented issues in society. The society is my main scene and telling people’s stories is my inspiration because I believe everyone has a story to tell and it gives me a great sense of content once I let the world have a feeling of life in other people's’ shoes and perhaps share what the public doesn’t know about a particular subject. I love sharing these stories.”

With the magazine, I would like to tell stories about Uganda in the areas of education, society, health, economy, culture, lifestyle, among others.

Blog: www.esthermbabazi.wordpress.com

Instagram: esther_mbabazi