About Us

Omukama Gilbert

For Omukama Gilbert, writing is the perfect way to express himself to the outside world and to let people know about Uganda.

Omukama, 24 years old, reads a lot of horror and fiction. His favorite writers are Stephen king, Hemingway and J.D Salinger. 

"I love horro because they make me understand that dark side of Satan and they are interesting too, especially if read in a dark big house, alone"

Omukama majored in religious studies. He works part-time teacher in  Christianity and helps out also at the family owned farm where they grow cassava and maize, and rear chicken. 

"The best thing with Uganda is its climate, the food (especially the fresh bananas and boiled fish), natural scenery. If you come visit Luwero, I recommend you to see the beautiful rhino farm!”