About Us

Sumbu Temo

27 years old journalist student and dreamer from Stockholm

My name is Sumbu Chantraine Temo and I guess I'm what you call an Afropolitan, Afro-European Swedish, Third culture kid or simply just a cultural mess. Or whatever. I don't like terms and how we use it to to categorize and limit things. Africa and Africans are constantly subject to prejudice. And the image is always the same- a needy, dependent crying child who can't think or act for herself. And for some reason she just doesn't seem to grow up and is in constant need of parenting.

That is pure bullshit! That's why I present this magazine to you. I'm hope that you with Kalangu will discover the diversity of Africa (that is not a country). Kalangu is a dream I've had for a long, long time. How would the image of Africa be if it was told by Africans themselves?

Studied journalism I of course love writing but also reflecting the society in print. You'll find in Kalangu stories written by brothers and sisters living in the continent but also by people like me, the diaspora. Hopefully, we can together give a deeper understanding in the continent's nuances. Africans are not victims. We can think and act for ourselves! With Kalangu we say no to all colonial and imperialistic biases forced on us.

I can't explain how excited I'm over this magazine. We have just started. If you have ideas on how we can improve, be better or maybe what we should cover, please do contact us. We are also always looking for contributors. But regardless if you're here as a write or reader, welcome. And let us together write our story.

With all peace and love,

Sumbu Chantraine Temo

Editor- in- chief