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Mapaseka Vryman

South African sporty analyst who loves Ashtanga yoga

South African Mapaseka Vryman works as an analyst. She loves sport and says that she becomes restless when not active. "I run, cycle and swim. I love Ashtanga yoga most."

She has travelled to the UK, Western Europe and Southern Africa. Her plan is to travel further throughout East and West Africa. "[I enjoy] experiencing the things I enjoy in a different foreign environment," she says.

Her life philosophy is an excerpt from the book 'And We Shall Dance With the Mountains' by Nigerian psychologist Bayo Akomolafe:

"We are afraid of the dark – not because of what is there, but because of what isn’t: clear boundaries, precise delineations, safe concepts and familiar territories. The dark is perhaps terrifying because it contends with us, it grapples with our perceptual complacency – inviting us to imagine, to conjure, to summon, to create anew. The dark is the most compelling template for creation, the most satisfying condition for the unheard of, the most avid memory of who we are – terrific craftsmen of the impossible.