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Bullfighting- Uganda's new tourist attraction or animal cruelty?

Located on the hills of Mountain Elgon, Bududa is not much of a tourist attraction. Although it is the only place in Uganda where communities have bullfighting activities, it remains quite unknown for the world – and Uganda. Whereas some argue that bullfight is animal cruelty, others hope to see a modern tourist attraction centre set up.

How the queen of flamenco came to love herself

Buika, the queen of flamenco, is set to perform at Carnegie Hall. Her voice may be hailed for being raspy and even dirty but it has not always been well received. Born to political refugees parents in Spain she has found her voice from not belonging anywhere. Buika reveals why she hates labels and sadness, and why women should embrace loneliness.

Why Bandal does not have to be Paris

When other young Congolese look at the West for inspiration, four brothers started a company in their backyard in Kinshasa. Their mission? To promote a country that does not have much to the outside world. With simple t-shirt designs, they combine popular culture with their pride of Congo.

“If there's a revolution, there is a post revolution”

It has been a hectic year for Smockey, one of Burkina’s most popular musicians and activists. The artist uses music to encourage political activism and released in 2015 his fifth album, Pre’revolution. He remains hopeful about the future despite of Burkina’s turbulent past and recent terror attacks.

Raw food girl cleansing toxic world

​Nigerian- American raw food expert Esosa Edosomwan has launched her third book about raw food and health. We talked acne, sneezing of crackers, low energy, intoxication and the prejudice that black people are not healthy.

"Music knows no boundaries"

Singer Piwai first album has been a spiritual journey. She had lost her lifeline after an ominous car accident and faced depression and an identity crisis. It was not until she picked up a metal-tined Zimbabwean instrument that life began to have a meaning again. Piwai is now ready to release African Turquoise.

Time for Stockholm's second Africa Fashion Week

The Africa Fashion Week Stockholm is approaching and the demand has been extremely high. Founder Isatou 'Aysha' Jones explains why cultural appropriation is not so bad and what African fashion really is about.

South Africa competing in Portland Film Festival

South African Tebogo Malope is competing at the Portland Film Festival with his movie For Love and Broken Bones. The movie was chosen amongst 3500 other candidates and competes now in the category Narrative. Tebogo explains to Kalangu how he met Spike Lee jogging and why he does not see his nomination at the festival as a competition.

"I want to show that I am African and proud"

​Yogendra Ahimi is a folk-root musician from Ghana. Born as Isaac Yaw Owusu Ahimi he later changed his name to Yogendra. His “yogic” name as he explains it. He was 17 when he bought his first guitar, it did not even have strings. Yogendra has though since then managed to compose his own songs. His new album African Child is about his childhood and his present life.

​Festival brings African unity to Oakland

The annual pan- African festival is sparking soon again. Kalangu met organiser Effie Tesfahun to talk about her vision with the festival.

Zulu with the mission to spread love

Thobs the Zulu Queen is an angry artist and activist who encourages Africans to stand up. Traveling all around the world she missions to bring back the African pride. And armed with her guitar she hopes to spread her message.

Five novels to read before you die

There is a surfeit of book prizes. Big ones, small ones, ones that award experimental fiction, others that concentrate on female authors, or young authors, or authors from Ireland or Latin America. African literature is blossoming, and its prize culture is flourishing alongside.