How US aid to Africa has changed in the wake of China's growing influence

The economic and political reach of the US, arguably the most visible and vocal Western country on the African continent, is gradually being diminished. This follows a pattern in which the economic and political stronghold of Western countries has ebbed as the role of non-traditional donors such as China has grown in importance.

Ugandan MPs refuse to pay tax

In February, the High Court ordered that all emoluments paid to MPs would be subject to the same tax system applied on the rest of the Ugandan citizens. The decision from has caused a controversy amongst MPs who passed a tax exemption law in order further enjoy tax reduction.

"Microfinance is not a gender issue"

Microfinance is often described as a miracle cure to women's rights. But microfinance expert Yves Komaclo does not agree that women are better clients than men or that microfinance is a gender issue.

Microfinance- not a solution for African women

Microfinance targeting women is not the solution to gender inequality and economic growth. Rather it strongly neglects the women’s and Africa’s autonomy. Gender expert Hauwa Mahdi requests for other methods to empower women in Africa.

In debt for a better life

With no education Belinda Kekle and Mary Hugly tried to manage best they could. Microloans have though made both women economic independent entrepreneurs with growing businesses.

Ebola's impact on the West African economy

​Of the 16 countries in West Africa only three – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – are affected by the Ebola virus. Nevertheless, it is having an economic impact on not only these affected countries but many others in the region.